Pre-palletized Stones & Rocks

A large variety of stones and rocks are palletized and in inventory.

Dry Stackers

Limestone Stackable

Oklahoma Slab

Retainer Wall Stone

Cork Stone

Medium Moss Boulders

Austin Chop (many colors available)

Sandstone Dry-stacker (2-3 in.)

Sandstone Builders (3-5 in.)

Sandstone Dry-stacker (4 in.)


Pink Swirl

Grey Field Stone

Corral Patio

Moss Retainer Wall

Moss Retainer Wall

Colorado River Rock

Colorado Pancake

Salt & Pepper Gravel

Pink Swirl

San Saba Flag (Thick)

San Saba Flag (Thin)

Arizona Patio

Oklahoma Patio

Autumn Blend

Variety of Rocks